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Can"t say enough about Dr. Persinger. If you are considering a hip replacement, he is your doctor.

Daniel M

Dr. Freddie D. Persinger

Dr. Freddie Persinger did my hip replacement in May. I could not have had a better doctor taking care of me. His staff is so efficient and very kind. Dr. Persinger took the time to explain what was going on with my hip and why it needed to be replaced. He explained the procedure and what I could expect. No problems at all. I highly recommend Dr. Persinger for any orthopedic problems you may be having.

Dr. Matthew Strover

Very personable, does not get in rush when he is seeing you, overall very pleased with Dr. Stover for my surgery on my Femur and recovery. I would highly recommend him.

If a hip replacement THR is recommended you will not find a better surgeon than Dr. Stover. He uses the latest techniques for faster recovery and less pain. There when you need him and answers all your concerns fully.

Dr. Stover performed my first ever orthopaedic surgery - on my shoulder, following an accident. I would go to no other doctor! He is very personable and professional, explains anything I don't understand, and he listens to all my concerns. He's also quite up on EMR and does not hesitate to try to figure out how to get the technology to work in his patient's favor. Definitely, I would recommend him to future patients!

Excellent dr would recommend did a great job on my shoulder

Dr. Bruce Haupt

I broke my left humerus in a fall from a ladder this past May, which required emergency surgery. I am very grateful that Dr. Haupt was the one who performed the surgery. While I was incredibly anxious about the injury having neither broken a bone nor have had surgery of any kind, he was calm and reassuring. It is now the middle of July and my arm is healing better than I could have expected. Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Haupt as an orthopedic surgeon.

Anthony Eates

Orthoclinic is a terrific office. After injuring my knee with no help from the emergency room, this office was able to get me right in. The staff was extremely polite and helpful. Dr. Haupt is a very down to earth and uses terminology that I was able to understand. I would highly recommend this office for any orthopedic needs.

Arlene Carte

I would like to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to Dr. Haupt and staff at Orthclinic. All the staff, from the front office to the technical and nursing staff, is both pleasant and efficient. The communication from Dr. Haupt and staff to me was clear and every question I had was answered promptly and completely. My condition required surgery and months of follow-up appointments. At each appointment, Dr. Haupt was calm and reassuring; he was very diligent and the recommended plan of care resulted in successful treatment. I have a long term, underlying medical condition which complicates treatment and healing. Dr. Haupt had performed complex surgery four years ago on my left leg, ankle, and foot.... surgery which required long-term follow-up. Thankfully, the surgery in 2013, was successful and has allowed me to be mobile. In 2017, I needed surgery and treatment for a different problem related to my right ankle. After months of treatment for this problem, I have reached the goal which Dr. Haupt planned. I was released from follow-up care last week. Thank you again, to Dr. Haupt and staff. What a great team Orthoclinic has!!! Elaine Farley

Mary Elaine Farley